Renée R

Renée R. Palmer-Smith, Ph.D.

Expert in Autism, Learning Disabilities, and Parent-Child Interactional Therapy
Renée R. Palmer-Smith, Ph.D., is a distinguished professional in the field of psychology, with an extensive background in Autism, Learning Disability Testing, and Parent-Child Interactional Therapy (PCIT). Her remarkable journey in the realm of psychology spans over decades, showcasing her unwavering dedication to improving the lives of individuals and families through expert guidance and support.
Dr. Palmer-Smith’s educational journey began at the University of Cincinnati, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1994. She continued her academic pursuits at the University of South Florida, graduating with a Master of Arts in School Psychology in 2004 and an Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology in 2010. Her commitment to excellence led her to achieve the highest level of academic accomplishment, obtaining her Doctor of Philosophy in School Psychology from the University of South Florida in December 2016. Her doctoral studies were accredited by the American Psychological Association and approved by the National Association of School Psychologists.
With a focus on Pediatric Psychology and Psychotherapy, Dr. Palmer-Smith’s expertise has been instrumental in providing holistic support to children, adolescents, and families facing complex challenges. Her doctoral dissertation, which explored the adaptive styles and coping strategies of youth diagnosed with cancer and their relationship to well-being, showcased her dedication to understanding the psychological needs of vulnerable populations.
Throughout her career, Dr. Palmer-Smith has made significant contributions as a Pediatric School Psychologist. Her tenure at Brevard Public Schools from January 2012 to August 2023 is a testament to her profound impact. She excelled in conducting psychoeducational evaluations for a range of conditions, including learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders, and other health impairments. Her dedication extended to collaborating with Individual Problem-Solving Teams to develop interventions and data-driven decisions, ensuring client success.
Dr. Palmer-Smith’s professional journey has been enriched by a range of experiences. Her role as a School Psychology Intern Supervisor and Adjunct Professor at the University of South Florida allowed her to share her expertise and guide the next generation of professionals. Her time at Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins Hospital and University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, honed her skills in Pediatric Psychology Clinic and Consultation Service, enabling her to work with children and adolescents with complex medical and psychological conditions.
With a heart for community service, Dr. Palmer-Smith has been involved in various initiatives, including facilitating focus groups for adolescent cancer survivors and conducting reading assessments for charter schools. She has been an active member of professional associations such as the National Association of School Psychologists and the Florida Association of School Psychologists, demonstrating her commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in her field.
Dr. Renée R. Palmer-Smith’s passion for providing comprehensive support to individuals with Autism, Learning Disabilities, and her expertise in Parent-Child Interactional Therapy have left an indelible mark on the field of psychology. Her exceptional educational background and extensive professional experience reflect her unwavering dedication to promoting psychological well-being and empowering individuals to overcome challenges.