New Patients

New Patients

We're truly honored you've chosen us for your journey to well-being, and we're committed to assisting you every step of the way

How to Join Us as a New Patient?

In response to the ever-changing landscape and to manage the rising volume of requests, we've incorporated technology to streamline the process. Below, you'll find our New Patient Request Form. Here's how to proceed:

Access the New Patient Request Form: Download and print the PDF.

Complete the Form: Fill in your details manually.

Frequently Asked Questions:

While we host multiple providers affiliated with various insurance networks, it’s crucial to note that availability may vary. Depending on your specific needs, we might or might not have someone from your insurance network accessible.
Due to the high demand for our services, the earliest appointments with most of our providers are typically 6-8 weeks from your scheduling date.
Amidst the continuing pandemic, we offer both telehealth (video chat) appointments and in-office consultations. Your preference will be addressed during scheduling.
While certain providers in our center cater to patients below 18 for therapy or neuropsychological testing, not all do. Notably, our psychiatry (medication management) providers do not treat those under 18. To ensure the best fit, complete the New Patient Request Form, which helps us understand your specific requirements.
Considering the influx of requests, we appreciate your patience. It might take us 2-3 business days to revert. Rest assured, we value your trust and will connect with you at the earliest. Thank you for considering us for your mental health needs.