frequently asked questions

We've compiled these FAQs to assist you in finding answers to common questions about our practice, especially during times when you might not be able to reach us directly. Our aim is to provide clarity and ease your journey with us from the very start.
frequently asked questions
We provide a wide range of services, including individual therapy, family therapy, play therapy, psychological evaluations, and parenting support.
Our individual therapy sessions offer a collaborative process where clients work one-on-one with a licensed clinician in a confidential setting. These sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs, focusing on presenting problems and utilizing a strength-based approach.
Individuals often seek therapy for various reasons, including coping with major life challenges, managing feelings of depression or anxiety, navigating divorce, and handling stress, among others.
Family therapy addresses issues affecting the entire family, like major life transitions, communication barriers, and parenting challenges. It can stand alone or complement other therapeutic services.
Play therapy is a child psychotherapy technique where therapeutic toys, art, music, and sandtray allow children to communicate their thoughts and feelings. It provides a safe environment for children to explore their concerns under the guidance of a licensed clinician.
Psychological evaluations can serve various purposes, from diagnostic clarification to treatment recommendations. Common reasons include Autism/Asperger’s assessments, educational evaluations (like those for giftedness or learning disabilities), trauma-related evaluations, and court-ordered assessments.
We understand the complexities of parenting and offer both individual and group support sessions. These interventions help parents navigate challenges at different stages of their child’s development.
Typically, our providers have appointments available approximately 6-8 weeks from the time of scheduling due to high demand.
Yes, with the ongoing pandemic, we continue to offer both in-office and telehealth (video chat) appointments. The most suitable option will be discussed when scheduling.
To initiate the process, please find the New Patient Request Form on our website. Complete the form by printing and filling in your answers, and then return it to us via email.
Rather than a traditional waitlist, we’ll set up your initial appointment, even if it’s several months away, to guarantee you a reserved slot in our calendar.
Upon scheduling your intake, you’ll get an email confirmation containing our new patient documentation. Once you return the completed forms, we’ll mark your file as a priority for rescheduling in case there’s a cancellation.
Our commitment to fairness means that appointment rescheduling isn’t influenced by the mode of payment.
The waiting period is consistent for both telehealth and face-to-face sessions. We provide both alternatives for your convenience.
At this time, we exclusively work with private insurance carriers. Please refer to our ‘New Patients’ section to see the insurance plans we currently accept.