Child and Family Counseling

Child and Family Counseling At Counseling And Assessment Center Of Brevard

Families are the cornerstone of our lives, and we understand the intricate dynamics that shape family relationships. Our Family Therapy services provide a dedicated space for families to navigate transitions, resolve conflicts, enhance communication, and address challenges that affect each member. Our collaborative therapy processes are customized based on your family’s unique challenges. With the guidance of our licensed clinicians, individuals and families can find their voices and learn to navigate life together.
Guided Intervention For Any Situation
Therapy can help in a wide range of situations, from major life changes and parenting support to anxiety, depression, divorce and more.
Understanding Patterns of Behavior
During the many stages and transitions in a family’s lifetime, it’s important to understand specific patterns of behaviors of the individuals as well as the family as a whole. This helps families recognize their strengths and where potential disconnects may occur in future interactions.
Insight and Support
Through unwavering support and guidance, we help you and your family tap into your inner resilience and empower you to overcome life’s challenges, together.

Building a Unit Based on Trust

We often use this familial approach in treatment to address specific issues that impact the entire family like major life transitions, interpersonal conflict, communication, or parenting challenges. These difficult times can cause broken communication practices, misunderstandings and other dysfunctions.
Family therapy can help you understand your own role and function in the family, as well as those of the other family members. This allows for the implementation of change, and a deeper knowledge and understanding of what it takes to build and maintain both trust and respect.

Flexible Strategies Tailored to Your Family

Family therapy may be often by itself or in conjunction with other therapeutic services. It can be a beneficial intervention for a wide variety of mental health conditions including depression, behavioral problems in children and/or adolescents, family conflict, separation, divorce, or family reunification. Our therapists are adept at tailoring interventions to suit your family’s unique needs, ensuring that every member feels heard and valued. Whether facing major life shifts, childhood behavioral issues, or emotional struggles, our family-focused approach fosters understanding and unity.
Our team of child, adolescent and adult specialists understand that every family’s needs are different and unique, and will help guide your family toward better, more productive conversations in order to find ways to enjoy your family time together.

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